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Are You Losing Sales
Because You're Not Using
The Right Selling Skills

Try Jim Meisenheimer's
Best Sales Tips And
Selling Skills

Especially For New Salespeople

How's your business doing?

Do you need help with . . .

Customers who want to think about it . . .

Setting appointments . . .

Customers who seem indifferent and reluctant to change . . .

Closing the sale . . .

Pin pointing specific customer problems . . .

Getting past the gatekeeper . . .

Adding value . . .

Attempting to sell without the right selling skills is like going horseback riding for the first time on a horse that just happens to be a wild bucking bronco.

How would you feel doing that?

You know - 80% of all salespeople have not taken taken a selling skills course or have not even read a book on sales.

You can't master the art of selling without exerting some effort. It just doesn't happen this way. You have to be an active participant in the learning process.

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My newsletter is like a Selling IV. Every week it drips sales tips and proven selling techniques you can use to grow your business.

The Start Selling More Newsletter resources will help you discover new ways to deal with the challenges you face every day of the week!

You can become a Sales Trailblazer?

You can ask better sales questions?

You can take back control of your time and your life?

You can learn 57 ways to reinvent and distinguish yourself from your competition?

Now you can learn how to stop chasing and start attracting new business.

You can achieve a greater success in your sales career by adopting a "Simplicity works best" attitude and mindset.

And remember this - winners win because they have a burning desire to win.

You must have a burning desire to succeed in sales.

In fact, I can help you do just that by sharing my best common sense ideas with you.

If you're really serious you can also take a look at my Sales Trailblazer (Self study) Sales Training Program.

Thanks for visiting and come back and visit again - soon. Please bookmark this site for easy reference.

Jim Meisenheimer


26.5 years . . .

542 customers . . .

72.7% repeat business

P.S. - Special note to Sales Managers.

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Don't forget to sign-up for my Free Start Selling More Newsletter.

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