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About Jim Meisenheimer

Jim is:

Author of seven books
Former U.S. Army Officer
A CSP -- Certified Speaking Professional
Creator Knockout Selling Training Programs
Member of the National Speakers Association
Publisher of The No-Brainer Selling Tips BLOG
Creator of The Surefire Selling Results Pyramid
Charter member of Master Speakers International
Publisher of the bi-weekly No-Brainer Selling Tips Newsletter
Former Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Baxter International

He speaks on:

No-Brainer Selling Skills
The 12 Best Questions To Ask Customers
57 Ways To Take Control Of Your Time And Your Life
How To Get Surefire Selling Results During Tough Times
How To Increase Sales, Earn More Money, and Have More Fun
How To Adapt Your Selling Style To Your Buyers' buying Style

He Sponsors:

Sales Training Boot Camps - May 7-8, 2008
No-Brainer Sales Management Courses - April 2008

A very brief bio:

Jim Meisenheimer was born in New York City and was raised in
West Babylon Long Island. He graduated from the University of
Rhode Island and did graduate work at St. Johns University.

He is a former U.S. army officer serving in Germany and was a
Public Information Officer on a General's Staff while serving
in Vietnam. He was also Vice President of Sales and Marketing
for the Scientific Products Division of Baxter International. His
other responsibilities included sales representative, regional
sales manager, marketing manager, Director of Marketing, and
Vice President Sales and Vice President of Marketing.

He has earned the designation CSP (Certified Speaking Professional)
from the National Speakers Association. He is a charter member
of Master Speakers International. He has authored seven books including
the recently published "57 Ways To Take Control Of Your Time And Your Life."

He has worked with 507 corporate clients. Last year 83.3% of his
sales training business was repeat business.

Jim Meisenheimer, Inc. has achieved 18 consecutive years
of increased sales and profitability.


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