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Testimonial Quotes

I got 56 take aways from the first day of Jim’s sales training boot camp.
--Kathy Maclin

I learned more sales and business tools from Jim than I did in four years at a $100,000 private college.
--Brandon Fox

I was hoping to get a few ‘nuggets’ out of the class. I feel like I hit a gold mine! Eureka!
--Vanessa Schulte

This has been the most valuable two days of training I have ever had.
--Jason Hagans

Jim’s sales training was excellent. I had multiple “ah-ha” moments!
--Jeff Gardino

I had forgotten, how much I had forgotten. Great refresher!!
--Greg Peters

Jim Meisenheimer is the best in the business – period.
--Dick Bianchini

I came to the Boot Camp with 8 months of sales experience. I left feeling like a 15 year veteran. Thanks Jim!
--Ryan Barr

I thought I was born to sell. Now thanks to Meisenheimer I am trained to sell, and sell much more.
--Rob White

"A big thank you for your teleseminar on "How To Sell Anything For List Price." Yesterday I closed a sale for $177,385.00 at list price. Last year the same customer ordered $150,082.21 with a 7% discount. The key this year was the emphasis on quality and value I added to the product. Again, thank you for your help."
-- Doug Henry

"I try to learn something new everyday. This course provided me with a month's worth of something NEW."
-- Anthony Cancilla

"This program is like a supermarket of ideas with a return on investment on every shelf."
--Mike Randick

"I can't believe what I have forgotten until I heard it again from Jim."
--Eric Schweinefus

"Jim is a genius. The presentation is simple and full of common sense but redirects your selling efforts to what matters most . . . making the sale."
--Nancy Bartolozzi

"If I could get my sales force to use 20% of what Jim presented, our company's success would be guaranteed."
--Larry Kessler

"I've been to plenty of seminars - yada-yada, lots of rah-rah, but little substance. Thanks for doing it different. I walked away with practical information."
--Richard McLeland-Wieser

"What I like most were the real world experiences and real world solutions you shared."
--Bill Ploehn

"Thanks for everything! This was the best thing I've ever done in my eleven years of selling!"
--Jerome Callaghan

"I liked your no-nonsense, common sense, real-life approach and perspective on all the subject matter."
--Joe Battaglino

"I received volumes of great information from the other participants as well. Also, the entire course was open and relaxed which made it very comfortable for learning and interacting with others."
--Sarah Hasken

"Jim captured my mind and my imagination from the start of the program. The seeds he planted will grow and continue to help me grow in my profession."
--Michael Brost

"Jim's 12 Best Questions will make my customers' jaws drop."
--Jeff Bachey

"I used your 'proposal ideas'. The result was an additional $250,000 worth of business."
--Mark Polzin

"I've learned so much on how to better manage my sales force."
--John Hinterhauser

"Thank you for your presentation to our company. I could tell you had taken time to understand our business. That alone made me more receptive to everything you had to say."
--Joan Hauf

"Our sales meeting has been over for almost a week now and the positive comments keep coming in. Jim, you did a fantastic job setting the tone for our sales meeting and our sales year. Thank you for a terrific day."
--Bob Hoesly

"I went to a course you gave to the National Sales team for Canadian Airlines. I did what you told me to do and had a stellar year."
--Janice C. Bieker

"This course got me pumped up to re-focus my 15 years of selling skills."
--Mike Mitchell

"Thanks for teaching an old dog some new tricks. Great presentation."
--Jack Hornsby

"You really made a big impact on our team. I was very impressed with your specific recommendations on how to improve individual performance."
--John Sonnenberg

"Your seminar was inspiring, entertaining, and very practical. Thank you for doing what it took to make this seminar a 'life changer'."
--Christine Walker

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