Friday, July 30, 2004


I Need Your Help

I really do need your help.
I have a bi-weekly Newsletter called "No-Brainer Selling Tips."
The primary purpose of this newsletter is quite simply to help you: 

  >>>  Increase the recognition you deserve. 
  >>>  Increase your sales. 
  >>>  Increase your personal income.

Look, I know selling isn't easy. It also doesn't have to be a pain in your butt.
It doesn't take brains to succeed in sales it takes discipline. With this in mind
. . . What do you need help with?
I want to hear from you:
. . . Tell me what you want me to write about.
. . . Tell me what your biggest challenge is.
. . . Tell me what keeps you awake at night.
If you'll do this for me - here's what I'll do for you.
I promise I'll read everything you send me.
I also promise to dedicate my No-Brainer Selling Tips Newsletters to your needs not mine. You have my word on that. Please take a quick 45 seconds right now to send me an e-mail with your biggest challenge.
Who knows, you might send me something that I end up writing about in a future Newsletter that unleashes the true potential within you.
And remember . . . make everyday a Masterpiece!

Jim Meisenheimer
Creator No-Brainer Selling Skills


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Thursday, July 29, 2004


Two Articles For You

If you're in sales please use these links to download two FREE articles.
15 Ways To Get Really Motivated
Upper-hand Selling Strategies

Make everyday a Masterpiece . . .
Jim Meisenheimer

Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Make It Easy . . .

Make it easy for your customers to do business with you.
Back in Illinois I had a long-term relationship with a printing company.  In a nutshell they were terrific.
In Florida, I had to look for another one.  The closest printer is 20 minutes from my office.  They are friendly people and do good work.
But, they don't make it easy to do business with them.
1.  They don't accept credit cards.
2.  They won't send you an invoice.
I have to call them or ask them to send me an e-mail with an invoice to find out how much I need to write the check out for.
It's very easy for them.  It's not so easy for their customers.
Make it easy for your customers to do business with you!
Jim Meisenheimer

P.S.  Here's a quote that was submitted by Claire.
It is better to be hated for what you are than loved for what you are not.


Remarkable promotions that get your attention

This is a follow-up to my last newsletter.  You may recall I discussed the importance of "Getting your prospect's attention," before you attempt any selling.  During the last week I was literally bombarded with examples of outstanding "Attention Getters!"
Here they are:

1.  A Naked Cowboy! The first one is the most memorable for me.  After visiting relatives on Long Island Bernadette and I went to New York City to catch a few Broadway shows.  We stayed at the Marriott Marquis Hotel near Times Square.  During our very first stroll down Broadway and positioned in the very center of Times Square was an almost naked cowboy.

This almost naked cowboy was clad only in a cowboy hat, cowboy boots,and a very tiny white bathing suit with the words "Naked Comedy" -printed boldly on his butt. I should also mention he was playing a guitar.  I estimate he got the attention of tens of thousands of passerby's everyday - I know he got mine.

2.  In yesterdays mail I received an eight-page sales letter with thisheadline - ARE YOU RUTHLESS?  Or do your competitors get a lot of the money that should be going straight into your bank account?

And that was just the headline.  They went on to promote a new program called "RUTHLESS MARKETING."  It got my attention!

3. On the cover of the July issue of Fast Company Magazine (which isan excellent read by-the-way) one of the headlines is "Thinking Outside The Cup.  Surprise - STARBUCKS is making a bold push intomusic."  It gets your attention.

4.  In the current issue (August) of Psychology Today Magazine the editors used this headline to get your attention.  BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE - How far does a pretty face go? I checked it out and it was a pretty face.  I read the article - which is what the attention-getter wanted me to do.

5.  I really liked my Mach 3 Gillette Razor.  Until that is, I came across an ad for the all new Gillette M3 Power Razor.  This new razor has Micro-Power which uses gentle micro-pulses to stimulate hair up and away from your skin.  Your new razor includes new Power Glide blades.  Your razor also includes an Indicator Lubrastrip with vitamin E and aloe. An AAA battery is included.  Not only did this get my attention it got my business. WOW - what a shave!

6.  Lynn Stroney drives a limo in Sarasota Florida.  During a recent trip to the Tampa Airport, Lynn told me she was planning to do some advertising.  I knew from an earlier trip that she was a former L.P.G.A. player.  I suggested that she consider incorporating that into her advertising.  She thought about it and discussed it with a friend whose specialty is advertising and they came up with this "Personal Branding Statement" for Lynn.

Nobody drives like a L.P.G.A. Professional!

In today's highly competitive marketplace blending in is out and standing out is in.  Do everything imaginable and ethical to distance yourself from the competitive crowd in your industry.

Remember, Eagles don't flock - pigeons do!  Be an eagle!

Jim Meisenheimer

Tuesday, July 27, 2004


Develop A Stay-In-Touch Plan

Be sure to develop a saty-in-touch plan with your new prospects
and new customers.  Staying in touch beats being out of sight.
Consider using the folwoing:
>>> Cards
>>> Hand-written notes
>>> Articles
>>> White Papers and special reports
>>> Voice mails
>>> e-mails
>>> Free stuff
>>> Selective entertainment
These are all simple ways to add to the budding relationship.

Jim Meisenheimer

Monday, July 26, 2004


Quick Tip

Are you using google?  If you are here's a link for google on Steroids. There's a lot you can do with this link.
Check it out.
Jim Meisenheimer
16 years . . . 456 clients . . . 68% repeat business
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Thursday, July 22, 2004


Tour de Lance

"Nothing has been left to chance."
"No detailed overlooked."
"No ounce of energy left unexpended."
This is Lance Armstrong's mindset when he races in the Tour de France.
He's about to win his sixth race.
Imagine the selling success you could have if you:
Left nothing to chance,
Overlooked no details,
Focused your all your energy on closing the big ones.
It doesn't take brains to succeed in sales - it takes discipline.
Do you have what it takes to do what it takes?
Jim Meisenheimer
Creator No-Brainer Selling Skills
(800) 266-1268

Wednesday, July 21, 2004


Doing business with you

According to Sam Walton you don't have to invent anything.
He once said, "Most everything I've done, I've copied from
someone else."
As you work with your new prospects and existing customers
think about the answers to these questions from their
1. Really, why should I start doing business with you?
2. Once I give you some business, why should I keep
giving you the business?
Though it may take a lot of time to WIN a new customer
you can lose him in a nanosecond.
If sales is an art - become an artist.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Did You Know

There are lots of resources available to make your selling day
easier.  Below you'll find some valuable links.
I just bought an IRIS Executive Pen. It's a hand-held scanner
that's great for scanning text, barcodes etc. You scan it and
it types it for you. Visit
FREE eCourse "The Art Of Closing The Sale.  That's right,
it's FREE.  This eCourse has seven lessons delivered via email.
You can't beat the price and you won't beat the Value.
Use this link to get started:
Did you know . . . 9 out of 10 Internet-connected PC's are infected
by spyware?  I just purchased Spy Sweeper.  Check it out.
Jim Meisenheimer
Creator No-Brainer Seeling Skills

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15 Ways To Get Motivated

First, recognize that motivation is an inside job. The word motivate means to impel, inspire, hope, stimulate, incite, propel, spur, goad, move, induce, prompt, instigate, fire, provoke, actuate, cause, egg on, drive, excite, and to trigger. Don’t wait for someone to motivate you, here are 17 ways you can motivate yourself.

1. Set daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and lifetime goals. A goal is a goal if it’s writing. Goals get you going in the direction that’s right for you.

2. Listen to a motivational tape. Record into a tape recorder your favorite quotes, anecdotes and personal success stories. Play back your tape frequently. Nothing is more motivating than the sound of your own voice. Try it!

3. Get motivated to make better telephone calls by buying Art Sobczak’s new book, How To Sell More In Less Time With No Rejection. To order call Art at 402-895-9399 or visit his web site

4. To overachieve every quota you are given take this advice. First write yourself a check dated for the last day of the year and make it payable to yourself and write how much you want to earn on the amount line. Make three laminated copies and and put one in your briefcase, auto console, and home office. Second, always aim higher than the quota you are given. If you adjust your aim, the results will follow. Good sales techniques will help too. So will good sales training.

5. Buy an inspirational book of quotations and keep it in your car. Read three quotes daily. Remember - inspirational words usually inspire us.

6. Invest 15 minutes daily to read books and articles about the selling profession. This is gourmet food for your brain. Don’t skip a day.

7. Get a mentor, preferably one outside of your company. The truly successful people never go it alone.

8. To jack-up your sales performance, prepare your own laminated cue cards. Create cue cards for making appointments, your 12 best questions, for handling the price objection, and for asking for the order. Each cue card should be prepared word-for-word. Your performance will sky-rocket.

9. Buy a composition notebook for your car. Record your successes, failures, and daily observations about your selling environment.

10. Read the "The Ancient Scrolls," an inspiring book by Tim Connor. To order call 800-222-9070 or e-mail him at

Better yet check out his newest book, "The Male Gift Giving Guide." It's amazing.
Visit his website:

Jim Meisenheimer
Creator No-Brainer Sales Training
His sales techniques and selling skills focus on practical ideas

that get immediate results. For more information
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Welcome to my Blog

Hello and welcome to the No-Brainer Selling Tips Blog.
This Blog will provide selling ideas that are proven and
practical. Practical ideas that get immediate results. Most
will be short and sweet. But every once in a while you'll
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Make everyday a Masterpiece . . .
Jim Meisenheimer
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