Monday, February 14, 2005


How To Make 2005 Your Best Year Ever:Seven Little Known Sales Secrets To Grow Your Business And MultiplyYour Income

The seven secrets to be presented in my Next TeleSeminar include:
1. The absolute easiest way to make more money.
2. You'll learn how to quit chasing customers and start attracting them with lumpy mail.
3. You'll learn how to get referrals begging to see you.
4. You'll discover how to get lots of happy customers to go to bat for you to get even more business.
5. You'll learn how reading newspapers can make you look good and sound good in front of your prospects and customers.
6. Once and for all you'll learn how to deflect the price objection so you can make the sale without getting bogged down in pricing wars.
7. You'll learn the real secret to getting into the 5% club in any business to gain the recognition and the financial rewards you truly deserve.
Use this link to sign-up right now.
Can't make it but you still want to learn the "Seven Little Known Sales Secrets To Grow Your Business And Multiply Your Income."
I'm recording is one and you can order the CD using this link: Jim Meisenheimer 800-266-1268

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