Monday, November 28, 2005


I Hate When That Happens


Just a quick note following the long Thanksgiving weekend.

Hope you and your family enjoyed some good family time together.

I've had a house full of relatives and everyone's ready to go back up north tomorrow. I'm ready too.

Back to the topic:

When sales managers have new sales reps and are so busy you can't spend enough time traveling and coaching them.

I hate when that happens.

You might want to check out my Boot Camp-In-A-Box It's the next best thing to you being there with your new salespeople. You can arrange for me to be there with them for the next 12 months.

I'm no Scrooge, but you gotta hurry because the special price is being zapped back to List Price on December 1st. You won't believe what's included - go see for yourself.

I remember being a sales executive and running around doing all that year-end crap that you gotta do so you can start all over again on January 1st and then before you know it - it's Christmas and you didn't have any time to buy those business gifts you thought about buying . . .

I hate when that happens.

I put together a very special holiday gift pack - details here:

This is a good time to start thinking about 2006. Here's a great question to ask about everything you do.

"How can I do it better next year?" If you don't make changes and you don't do it better, well you know how I feel about that . . .

I hate when that happens.

Look for my regular newsletter tomorrow.

Let's go sell something.

Jim Meisenheimer
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Sunday, November 20, 2005


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Let's go sell something . . .

Jim Meisenheimer

Creator No-Brainer Selling Skills

Friday, November 18, 2005


In Sales, I'd Rather Have A Colonoscopy Without . . .

Hold your hat - I'll finish the title in a minute for you.

You're getting this newsletter about the time I'll be finished with my colonoscopy. I flinch just thinking about it. At my age you're supposed to get them every 5 years or so. So it's that time again.

My physician wanted me to know his job was analogous to playing video games. Today he's playing 10 games I guess. I'm not going to bore you with any of the details. If you have had one - you probably don't want to be reminded. If you haven't had one - I'm not going to spoil your fun and all the surprises.

By now you'd have to be brain dead, unless you're a very new subscriber, not to know that one of my specialties is sales training. One of the biggest challenges salespeople face on a daily basis is dealing with the pathetic price objection.

You may be curious how I know this to be true. Whenever I do a sales training program for a corporate client I always allow some time for the salespeople to respond to this question. "What are the biggest challenges you face in growing your business?" It never fails, the price objection is usually one of the first challenges to be mentioned.

So during my presentation we get to talk about this nemesis called "The Price Objection." I don't view the price objection the way most salespeople do. I see the price objection as an opportunity - I'm serious about that.

In fact, I believe the price objection, which salespeople get on a daily basis, is really a gift. Well, it's closer to being a gift than it is a surprise. Look at it this way. Most salespeople deal with the price objection every day.

So you know what that means - it means you can prepare in advance how you will specifically (word for word) handle it. That's right, imagine knowing exactly how you will respond the next time you hear the dreaded price objection.

I try to keep these letters to you short and sweet, so I'll get right to the point. If I asked you to say the Pledge of Allegiance without uttering any "seal talk" like "Ah's" and "Um's," I'll bet you could do it flawlessly.

You can do it because you know the words.

If I asked you to say, word for word, how you would respond to the price objection, you probably couldn't do it without some "seal talk." I think that's bizarre. Why in the world would you not prepare in advance a response to a price objection that you hear so often?

Here's the choice for you. You can respond with your best improvisation or you can prepare, rehearse, and deliver a response that sounds so logical and so professional it might just be good enough to neutralize the objection.

When I started my business 17 years ago I used to get pounded on a daily basis about my speaking fees. As a result I gave people, sad to say, discounts to get the business. Not any more though, because I discovered a better way.

One day I got to thinking about how often I'm getting pounded by the price objection. I imagined there had to be a better way. So I started with this question, "How can I intelligently respond to the price objection the next time I get one?"

It took about three weeks, five minutes here, 10 minutes there, before I had what I thought was an incredible response to the price objection that I was hearing so often.

My response to the price objection works so well that I can't wait until I hear it. But a funny thing happened as a result of my preparation and practice.

I don't get the price objection as much these days, and I can only speculate about this, because I believe my potential client senses I know how to deal with it, so why even bring it up.

My response to the price objection works in my business and it probably wouldn't work in yours - so please don't send me an e-mail asking me what mine sounds like. I won't respond to that request.
That's the bad news.

The good news is I'm not a mental giant. If you take the same approach I did and invest some time in preparing an intelligent response to the price objection that you hear in your business - you will marvel at the results you get.

I hate talking about price. The words can't, impossible, discount, and commodity do not exist in my vocabulary and they shouldn't be in yours either.

So to make this point during my sales training programs I use a Power Point slide that says, "I'd rather have a colonoscopy without anesthesia than talk about pricing."

"I'd rather have a colonoscopy without anesthesia than talk about pricing." I make more money thinking like this than I did when I was dropping my prices and so can you.

Now, I may be tough but I ain't stupid. I took the anesthesia today but that doesn't mean you have to discount tomorrow.

When was the last time you sold something for list price? I don't care what you're selling, you should be able to routinely sell your products and services for list price. If you think you can't you won't. If you think you can but don't know how, you might want to take a look at my CD titled, "How To Sell Anything For List Price." Use the link or cut and paste this:

Let's go sell something . . .

Jim Meisenheimer

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A Big Sales Tip. Give It To You On A Platter - And It Won't Matter

In my last newsletter I said I had prepared a perfect way for me to handle the price objection in my business. I received a number of e-mails asking me to share with you exactly how I do that. In a minute I'll tell you why that doesn't make any sense.

But first a short and quick follow-up on the colonoscopy I had on Wednesday. First of all I passed with flying colors. If you recall I made the following statement, "I'd rather have a colonoscopy without anesthesia than talk about pricing" in my last newsletter.

Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for. It turns out I had this colonoscopy without anesthesia because I'm a diabetic and my blood sugar level was a little high. I was awake for the entire procedure and I was able to watch everything on the TV monitor. Somehow, I managed to survive.

Now back to dealing with the price objection. The fact that I had a colonoscopy without anesthesia is still no reason for you to be offering gargantuan discounts to your customers.
Here's why it doesn't make sense for me to give you my way of dealing with the price objection. First, my customers are often presidents and vice presidents of medium to large size companies. My principle product is sales training for their salespeople. And the objection I hear occasionally has to do with my speaking fee.

Now, unless you are a professional speaker you won't be able to use what I use. I will give you a hint though, which might stimulate your thinking about the business you're in. When dealing with the price objection you want to SPIN a single issue. The issue I choose to spin is credibility.

Since most of these presidents and vice presidents want me to help their salespeople get a better price for their products, what would happen to my credibility if I lowered my price to them? I hope you're starting to get the picture.

If I give it to you on a platter it won't really matter. Here's why. I worked on this technique for three weeks 17 years ago and it's still working for me today. The key is I invested a lot of time up front. You can't do this quick and easy. The more time you put into it the better your price objection response will be.

Selling Tip - you cannot spend three weeks focused on doing something (preparing how you will deal with the price objection) and not get it done.

Selling Tip - you cannot use some cookie cutter clich├ęs from a book to solve your reccurring price objection problem.

Selling Tip - you can not sound better than your competition if you're saying the same things. Trust me on this, if you're not preparing your response and your competition is not preparing their response, they're going to sound the same.

If you want to sound different be different.

You've got the same 26 letters in the alphabet that everyone else has. Play with the words until you've developed the perfect response for your customers in your industry. Keep experimenting until you feel it's perfect.

Start thinking about the relative importance of words in your everyday sales activities.

  • You use words when working new leads.
  • You use words when making appointments.
  • You use words when qualifying your prospects.
  • You use words when presenting your products and services.
  • You use words when dealing with the price objection.
  • You use words in your sales proposals.
  • You use words when you follow up.
  • You use words when asking for the business.

These things are too important to be a 100% improvisation. You need a system - a complete system. Are you complete to compete? I have a new CD titled, "How To Become Complete To Compete." I cover ten minisystems which are designed to outsmart the competition.
You'll find more information here:

Even though I had a colonoscopy without anesthesia is still no reason for you to continue to leave dollars on the negotiating table whenever someone asks you for a better price. In sales a little extra homework has a humongous impact on your results and of course your income.

Let's go sell something . . .

Jim Meisenheimer

P.S. - Take a look at my new "The Ultimate No-Brainer Selling Skills Manual - Volume 1." Last chance to reserve your copy.

Jim Meisenheimer publishes The No-Brainer Selling TipsNewsletter, a fresh and high content newsletter dedicatedto helping you grow your business and multiply your income.

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Clever Sales Questions You Can Ask

Let's start with the definition of "Clever" I'm using. It means being skillful in doing something - in this case asking questions. It's more ingenious than it's shrewd.

Do you have any procrastinators hiding out in your pending file? Remember, you can't make a mortgage payment with a pending "maybe." Procrastinators procrastinate because that's how they're wired. They're not bad people, they just find it tough to finish what they start.

Sure they have good intentions, and you want to believe them. You can can't make a mortgage payment with good intentions either.

Actually, if you're dealing with a legitimate procrastinator right now, you can help him with this extraordinary question. I've seen it work dozens of times and have personally put $45,000 in my wallet after using it.

Let's assume your procrastinator is holding up the works on a potential $37,507 order.
He keeps putting you off. Instead of losing your patience ask this question.

What would have to happen for you to sign-off on the purchase order we've been talking about?

Procrastinators procrastinate because they don't know what the next step is. This question forces them to think about that next step. It's a great question and you'll be please with the results.

I was reading Art Sobczak's newsletter today and he talked about questions you should avoid.

For example:

"Did you know that we offer ___?"
"Are you aware that we sell ___?"

"Did you know we offer six different lines of printers?" could elicit a great big yawn and a "So what," from the listener.

A better question would be,

"What features do you require in printers?"

You can also ask, "What qualities are you looking for in a printer?"

Art has some good stuff and you'll find it at:

Here's another question you can ask if you want to get a better understanding what your customer values. Too many salespeople make too many assumptions and they're usually way off base.
When you ask this question get ready to employ your ears.

Here's the question:

What would it take to win your supplier of the year award?

It's always wiser and certainly more professional to employ your ears before you engage your mouth. The goal is avoid getting mugged by your own mouth.

You'll be rewarded handsomely, when you start asking these questions.

P.S. - Hey, if you're getting mangled by the competitive sharks in your sales territory and really don't have a clue on how to clobber the competition, I've got what you need. How would you like a framework on "How To Get Surefire Selling Results" day in and day out.
See for yourself - but for Pete's sake don't procrastinate on this one. It could change your life - REALLY!

Jim Meisenheimer publishes The No-Brainer Selling TipsNewsletter, a fresh and high content newsletter dedicatedto helping you grow your business and multiply your income.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Selling More With Google

Here are two new Google resources for intelligent sellers.

If you're an entrepreneur or an independant sales rep you should check out these new resources from Google.

Here are the websites to visit and to get more details. and

Jim Meisenheimer

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Selling Tips From New York

Just got back late last night from a four-day/three night visit to the Big Apple. Bernadette, my wife, says it's a chance for me to go back and visit my people, since that's where I grew up.

Here are a few observations that may relate to your daily sales routine.
There's good news and there's bad news. The good news is I didn't take my computer on this trip. The bad news of course, is that I didn't take my computer and had to deal with 1153 e-mails as soon as I got home. Still, not taking the computer was the right thing to do.

We saw two Broadway shows. "Jersey Boys" was spectacular. If you are going to New York you want to see this show. The music was great and the energy was incredible.

The street vendors are a perfect example of what not to do if you're in sales. They are a one-act play and everyone, it seems, reads from the same script. You can be in Times Square, Chinatown, or Greenwich Village, the pitch never varies.

Bernadette quickly learned how to play the game. Remember this, whenever the buyer is more prepared than the seller, the buyer gets a better deal and the seller always makes less money. These street vendors, and not unlike a lot of salespeople that I have observed, only talk about price.

For example, let's say it's a $35 product. Let's also say, my wife wants the product. In almost every case they wanted the sale more than my wife wanted the product. Bernadette would offer a reasonably crisp $20 bill. The street vendor would say, "I'll let you have it for $30."

My wife would say, "I'll buy it for $20." He would counter with, "You can have it for $25."

As she turned to walk away and said, "That's okay, I'll just keep shopping." They would always take the $20 bill.

That's the story and here's the point. If you only talk about price there's only one way your price will go and that's down. If you only talk about price your customers will seize upon the opportunity to pound you into the ground. If you only talk about price, you'll come across as being desperate.

The less you talk about value and solutions the lower your price will be.

The more you talk about value and solutions the more willing people are to pay a higher price.

Let me paint another picture for you. It's Saturday afternoon in New York City. The weather is perfect, the streets are jammed, and the sidewalks are packed. It seems like the only thing moving is the cool fall breeze.

There's a huge 18 wheeler turning onto Broadway. Remember, nothing is moving except the driver's hand on the horn. It was loud and obnoxious. I'm on the sidewalk almost face-to-face with the driver.
Now that I'm back with my people, I yell, "Hey . . . your horn's working try your lights."
He glares at me and says, "I know the horn's working." About 30 minutes later, on a different street, I saw the same driver blaring the same horn.

My life is my laboratory and I can't help seeing something like this and relating it back to sales.

That's another story and here's another point for you.

Some people like blowing their horns. Some people like listening to the sound of their own voices which is not especially helpful if you're in sales. It's safe to say there wasn't a single person who appreciated that horn blowing on that Saturday afternoon.

Likewise most customers/prospects seldom enjoy being with a salesperson who talks too much. In fact, the more you talk the dumber you sound. It's actually pathetic, which reminds me, every salesperson should know what makes you sound pathetic.

If you're interested in finding out, my new CD "How To Avoid Sounding Pathetic During A Sales Call," spills the beans on what's commonly referred to as diarrhea of the mouth.More info here.

On another nonrelated note, today's newspaper had an article describing a new fragrance for women. It's called, "Timeless View." It includes the scent of a pink grapefruit and affects the male perception of age by six years.

If you like that product I have another one you might want to consider.
It's called, "Scent Of A Salesman." One spritz and you are guaranteed to close all pending sales. Gimme a break!

In today's Dilbert column, one of the characters was combing his eyebrows over his eyes, so that no one could tell he was asleep. In sales, if you really want to succeed, you have to focus 100% of your energy on your customers and their problems. You'll never succeed in sales by sleepwalking your way from account to account.

New York . . . New York. It's been said, "If you can do it there, you can do it anywhere." I used to believe that - now I don't.

Now I believe, if you're focused and prepared and have the passion of a champion you can do it anywhere.

It doesn't matter where you live, what matters is how you think!

Let's go sell something . . .

Jim Meisenheimer

P.S. - Sales managers - learn more about my Inner Circle Coaching Program.

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