Monday, December 12, 2005


Positive Pricing Sales Tip

When it comes to selling cars, it seems the only way GM and Ford can sell their inventory is to offer humongous discounts. When you think about that - it's stupid. Increasing sales on the backs of reduced margins is no way to grow a business.

GM has just announced big layoffs and plant closings and the big shots at Ford are skipping the Holiday Parties so they can plan and deliver their Holiday layoffs early in the new year.

In a recent Business 2.0 article, the writers noted that Honda "Stuck to their sticker prices - and ultimately stuck it to the competition." In the U.S. the Big Three showed a sales decline of 6.8%. During the same reporting period Honda's sales increased 19%.

Higher sales and higher profits.

If you have a good product - don't be afraid to sell it at a higher price. You gotta believe before the customer does.

It's been said - "Profitability is the applause of a happy customer."

Jim Meisenheimer

Creator of No-Brainer Selling Skills

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