Monday, May 22, 2006


How To Create Brain Sparks . . .

About 40 minutes into a 4 mile walk, which takes me 57 minutes, I started thinking about a new product. The more I thought about the new product the faster I walked. One of my newsletter subscribers said he liked my newsletters when they included motivational quotes.

Well I've been collecting them for years and the idea I got during this early morning brisk walk was to put them into a book. Then as I started walking faster I got another brain spark - why not put each one on a separate poster in the book.

The book would be delivered in an eBook format as a PDF file which means you could print each quote as a separate page, as a poster using your color printer. Well, you'll learn more about my Inspirational, Educational, Informational, and Motivational Quote Book as soon as it's completed.

The real purpose of this newsletter is to remind you that you can get some of your best ideas when you're exercising.

Hey, I'm not the first entrepreneur to grease the creative process with robust exercise.

I read that Steven King, the famed author, runs several miles every day.

Benjamin Franklin swam the Thames River daily.

Marie and Pierre Curie often took long bike rides.

Stephen Ramocki, has done research which shows the brain functions better after exercise and the effect can last for several hours.

Ramocki also says, "To function optimally, each person's brain needs a physically fit body." Who can argue with the logic of that?

The next time you want to create some brain sparks go for a long and fast walk, a bike ride, or a long run.

It's great for your health and it can be good for your business too!
Gotta go - it's time for another 4 mile walk.

F.M. Alexander once said, "Every man, woman, and child holds the possibility of physical perfection: it rests with each of us to attain it by personal understanding and effort."

Start selling more . . .

Jim Meisenheimer

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Friday, May 19, 2006


Two Pathetic Phrases To Avoid . . .

Here are some words of Wisdom I hope you enjoy. I'm working on a complete collection of 250 of my favorite inspirational and motivational quotations. Each one will come with a downloadable and printable poster.

In the meantime - enjoy these favorites:

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops. Henry Adams

You decide your habits, your habits decide your future. Anonymous

The ultimate inspiration is the deadline. Nolan Bushnell

It's never too late to be what you might have been George Eliot

It's not enough to aim. You must hit. Harry Truman

To succeed, jump as quickly at opportunities as you do at conclusions. Benjamin Franklin

Next up - are you sounding pathetic? Well, you just might be if you're saying either one of these during a sales call.

Use This Link To Play A 1:07 Audio Message to find out for sure:

Sometimes you don't know what you don't know. Sometimes what you don't know can tarnish your reputation with your customers.

My CD, "How To Avoid Sounding Pathetic During A Sales Call," includes 33 really pathetic phrases to avoid during a sales call.

You can remove this lousy language from your vocabulary forever, as soon as you learn what NOT to say in front of a customer. You shouldn't be saying these things on the telephone either.
You can get your copy here:

Start selling more . . .

Jim Meisenheimer

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10 Quick Sales Tips . . .

Here are 10 quick sales tips you can use as a sales-generator for your business.

1. Get in the habit of sending at least five hand written notes every day. Be sure you send a note to anyone (internal and external customers) who helps you make a sale. To add a touch of class use a fountain pen with blue ink.

2. To free up your hands and to add significant energy to every phone call use a headset. Plantronics offers a complete selection of styles to choose from.

3. Another telephone tip is to use a 5 X 7 mirror positioned next to your telephone to make sure you're smiling throughout the entire call. It makes a huge difference.

4. If you are a user you might want to try - which I believe has a better service.

5. Never ask the question, "How soon do you need it?" Common responses to that question include, "Yesterday, ASAP, today, and right away." The response to this question usually puts you into a reactive mode.

6. Use a timer, when working in your office, to measure how much time you're spending on phone calls and to allocate time for projects you need to get done.

7. Establish a written sales goal, expressed in dollars, for every selling day!

8. Invest 15 minutes every day to prepare a written prioritized plan for the day.

9. Invest 15 minutes every day to read a book or to listen to a CD to increase your competitive advantage. FYI - "The Science Of Getting Rich For Salespeople And Entrepreneurs" is now available.

10. Make every sales day a masterpiece. William Watson Purkey says it best when he says:

Dance like nobody's watching
Love like you've never been hurt
Sing like nobody's listening
Live like it's heaven on earth

Please don't send me an e-mail telling me Mark Twain is the author of this - Purkey is!

These sales tips are little things, but of course you know in sales little things mean everything!

Start selling more . . .

Jim Meisenheimer

PS - According to Walt Disney, "If you can dream it, you can do it!" And "The Science Of Getting Rich For Salespeople And Entrepreneurs" shows you how to do it.

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What Customers Admire Most In Salespeople . . .

Growing up as a teenager in West Babylon, New York did not include a lot of memories of reading. In fact neither my mother or father were high school graduates so we didn't have a home filled with books.

What we did have was a television. Thank God I took an interest in reading after my military service and when I got my first sales job.

I do believe we become what we read so I try to read a little every day. I picked up the habit after reading articles and listening to cassettes that encouraged all people to read for 30 minutes a day - with the promise of developing expertise in the work you do. Well, at the time I was in sales and I liked the sound of being an expert. So I just kept reading.

Every day I try to scan the local paper, read several articles in the WSJ, an article or two in one of the magazines I subscribe to and a chapter or two in a book I'm reading. Currently I 'm reading an old classic by Maxwell Maltz called Psycho-Cybernetics.

Last night I was reading the current issue of Sales & Marketing Magazine. The article that caught my attentions was "What Customers Really Want."

A group of executives was asked to look at a list of 25 qualities top salespeople had in common.

Here's the top six they selected:

1. Honesty
2. Accountability
3. Understanding the customer's business
4. Problem solving
5. Partnership
6. Customer satisfaction

You might want do this exercise if you're interested in working more closely with your biggest customers and prospects. Step #1 - take a few minutes and write your definition of these qualities. Step #2 - ask your customers how they define these qualities.
You might learn a thing or two.

Start selling more . . .

Jim Meisenheimer

PS - If you're looking for some sales oriented reading material, take a look at my first book, "47 Ways To Sell Smarter." If you order the paperback, I'll also include the eBook version, so you'll have a copy for your library and one for you laptop.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


When The Student Is Ready The Teacher . . .

An ancient Chinese proverb says that, "When the student is ready the teacher will appear." Well that may be true but it can also be flipped.

When the teacher is ready, he may learn from his students.

That happened to me yesterday. Actually it happened twice. Two newsletter subscribers sent me an e-mail after seeing the following in my letter:

"I can't help but chuckle a little when I compare the willingness of 105 entrepreneurs to invest $1.1 million to the reluctance of 99.3% of my mailing list to invest $19.95 for a book which is designed to help you to become rich."

I was trying to make a point and did a poor job of it.

Both subscribers, in essence, said the same thing in different ways and boy did I ever learn a valuable lesson from it. They both asked, Why should I buy your book, "The Science Of Getting Rich For Salespeople And Entrepreneurs?"

Duh - Hello - isn't it obvious?

They're right! It's never obvious to a potential customer. Think about it, I know I am, it's Selling 101 and a huge sales tip for you. You gotta give people reasons why they should buy your products. You gotta tell your potential customers how they will gain and benefit from your products.

You can slap me silly because I deserve it. With 16,895 subscribers, however, please don't all do it at the same time. I learned from my mistake and I hope you can learn from it to.

People have desires that need to be fed and they have fears they want to eliminate.
This student is going to switch roles for a minute.

When you have some time, five or ten minutes, sit in a chair in a quiet place.

Take a few deep breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Now think about your life and think how you want it to be.

Think about your financial position. What would you like it to be. Would you like to have a substantial Net Worth? Would you like to be able to finally make your last mortgage payment?

Would you like to be able to send your kids to the best Universities without having to take out any loans? How would you feel if you had ZERO debt? That's right zippo debt!

Keep thinking about what you want out of your life. Imagine being able to retire in style and comfort. Would you like a bigger home? Would you like a cottage on a lake or a spectacular home on a golf course? Would you like a luxury car or even a boat?

Would you like to be able to write big checks to your favorite charities?

Would you like to live a longer and healthier life - right who wouldn't?

Would you like to leave a sizable estate to your family and favorite charities?
Do you crave recognition? Do you want more physical power, spiritual power, and even more mental power?

As you crystallize your thinking try to create a vision of a better life for you and your family.
You know of course, wishing and dreaming can't make these things happen.

Here's what can . . .

If you want a better life for you and your family, here's how you can take a first step to getting everything you want.

"The Science Of Getting Rich For Salespeople And Entrepreneurs" is an eBook that gives you a Certain Way you can follow to convert your dreams into your reality.

It's working for me and I know it can work for you . . .

Jim Meisenheimer

PS - You choose your habits and your habits sculpt your future.

"The Science Of Getting Rich For Salespeople And Entrepreneurs" will help you create better habits so you can enjoy a much better future.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Are You Focused On What's Important . . .

Or are you focused on the daily menu of distractions served up to you by your boss, your competitors, and your customers?

Focus is everything. Have it and win, lose it and get eaten alive by hungry competitors.

Twenty-seven years ago, so don't hold me to all the details, I remember reading a story about two lumberjacks who labored in Sherwood Forest.

These were two big guys with matching egos. Their physical size was enormous back in the 1400's. Once a year there was a face off, sort of like the Super Bowl for lumberjacks. Many would enter but only one would win.

These two giants squared off in the final two-some. They were to chop wood from dawn till dusk. The rules were quite simple. Whoever chopped the most wood would be declared the winner.
Both were perched a fair distance from each other - barely able to see the figure of the other person. The chopping commenced at dawn. From time to time they both took a look at the other to see how much wood was being chopped. By mid morning the contest was close.

One of the woodsman stopped for about 20 minutes. The other kept chopping to gain an advantage. During mid-day the lumberjack who took a break in the morning took another break.
I'm sure the other guy was thinking, "I'll get him now."

They kept chopping. In the middle of the afternoon, the break-meister took still another break. The other guy just kept chopping, just kept chopping.

When the sun had set, the woodsman who hadn't stopped once, looked at what he had chopped and felt he had the advantage.

He walked some distance to greet his opponent. When he had arrived - he almost went into shock at the sight of his opponent's chopped wood - which was substantially more than his own.
He grumbled, "How can this be? You stopped chopping three times for breaks and lunch, while I kept chopping. I just don't understand what happened."

In a soft and deliberate voice the winner said, "Yes I did stop three times - but you see, it was to sharpen my axe."

Abraham Lincoln was once said, "If I had six hours to chop down a big tree, I'd take two hours to sharpen my axe."

You don't have to be a lumberjack to sharpen your axe.

There are too many to count, impersonators out there - pretending to be professional salespeople. They are devoid of any selling skills and basic fundamentals.

Every day you'd better make it a priority to read books and articles, listen to CD's while driving from account to account, sharpening your axe, I mean your selling skills, improving your attitude, and developing mini-systems to out-fox your competitors.

The simple truth is, if you don't sharpen your axe, you're working your sales territory with a dull blade.

That's nuts, stupidity and the quickest way to sales mediocrity and the sales hall of shame. If that's what you want go for it.

On the other hand, if you want to sharpen your selling axe scroll down a bit for some axe-sharpeners.

One final thought - I have 16,287 active subscribers to these letters. From that number 2175 have purchased a book, CD, Audio Book, a sales manual at least once and I'm grateful for that.

From the remaining 14,112 I get e-mails saying how much you enjoy and how much value you get from my newsletters. But these letters don't cost you a copper penny.

Sure I would like it better if 16,287 of you ordered one of my Learning Tools (Books and CD's) today. But that's not the point.

If I knew that you were boycotting my products in favor of buying them from other sales trainers and selling GURUS I'd be ecstatic and here's why.

Because I couldn't help but take some of the credit for motivating you to sharpen your axe and to invest in yourself.

The sad truth is most salespeople have kitchen pantrys full of food and personal libraries devoid of any learning materials. One feeds your stomach and the other feeds your brain.

You know what the life span of food in your stomach is, don't you?

Have you ever thought about the life span of an idea you get from a book or CD?

Both are a necessity for you personal growth and development.

Forget about the old saying, "Feed a cold, starve a fever."

Feed your brain every day!

Focus on your self-development and make continuous improvement a personal priority.

Focus on what's really important.

Start selling more . . .

Jim Meisenheimer

Here are some axe-sharpeners for your business library.

PS - If you're new to sales and missed my Boot Camp last week - my biggest and best axe sharpener is my Boot Camp-In-A-Box. It's a 12 month program that covers all the bases for you.
Here's the information:

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