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The Power Of Concentration For Salespeople and Entrepreneurs . . .

The following is an excerpt from my soon-to-be-published book (eBook and printed version) by Theron Q. Dumont and Jim Meisenheimer.

"It is of the utmost value to learn how to concentrate. To make the greatest success of anything you must be able to concentrate your entire thought upon the idea you are working on. The person who is able to concentrate utilizes all constructive thoughts and shuts out all destructive ones. The greatest person would accomplish nothing if he lacked concentration.

You can get what you want with concentration. Be careful of your desires, make a mental picture of what you want and set your will to this until it materializes. Never allow yourself to drift without helm or rudder. Know what you want to do, and strive with all your might to do it, and you will succeed.

I want you first to realize how powerful thought is. A thought of fear has turned a person’s hair gray in a night. A prisoner condemned to die was told that if he would consent to an experiment and lived through it he would be freed. He consented. They wanted to see how much blood a person could lose and still live. They arranged that blood would apparently drop from a cut made in his leg. The cut made was very slight, from which practically no blood escaped. The room was darkened, and the prisoner thought the dropping he heard was really coming from his leg. The next morning he was dead through mental fear.

The two above illustrations will give you a little idea of the power of thought. To thoroughly realize the power of thought is worth a great deal to you.

Through concentrated thought power you can make yourself whatever you please. By thought you can greatly increase your efficiency and strength. You are surrounded by all kinds of thoughts, some good, others bad, and you are sure to absorb some of the latter if you do not build up a positive mental attitude.

If you will study the needless moods of anxiety, worry, despondency, discouragement and others that are the result of uncontrolled thoughts, you will realize how important the control of your thoughts really are.

Your thoughts make you who you are."

This book is a must read if you want to change how you think and want to change how you live your life.

If you do what the book says you should do - you will increase your POWERS of concentration!

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Persist Until You Succeed . . .

This is a special day - it's my 18th Wedding Anniversary and it's also a special month because it's my 18th year in business as an entrepreneur.

What was I thinking in June 1988 - getting married and starting a new business at the same time? I'm not sure, but I'm happy to report, both are doing very well.
I remember two memorable words from exchanging vows, "I do." And the two words I've said repeatedly throughout 18 years of marriage are, "Yes dear!"

As far as my business is concerned I've been a goal-setting and a goal-achieving entrepreneur. I prefer to keep things simple.

Changing the subject! I'm rereading one of the classics, that all salespeople and entrepreneurs should read. It isn't loaded with sales tips and selling techniques - but it's loaded with the philosophy of successful sales careers. The title is, "The Greatest Salesman In The World" by Og Mandino. Without trying to give you an entire book report, the book contains ten scrolls, which the reader is encouraged to read three times a day for thirty days.

Here are some insights from scroll #3:

"The prizes of life are at the end of each journey, not near the beginning."

"Henceforth, I will consider each day's effort as but one blow of my blade against a mighty oak."

"I will never consider defeat and will remove these words from my vocabulary: quit, cannot, unable, impossible, out of the question, improbable, failure, unworkable, hopeless, and retreat." I would add these words to this list: hope, discount, and commodity.

"I will ignore the obstacles at my feet and keep mine eyes on the goals above my head."

"Each failure to sell will increase my chance for success at the next attempt."

"Never will I allow any day to end with a failure."

"Nor will I allow yesterday's success to lull me into today's complacency."

"For now I know one of the greatest principles of success; if I persist long enough I will win. I will persist. I will win!"

This book is a short 111 pages. It's another good book to add to your personal library.

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Imagine starting every day with the attitude that you will persist until you succeed.

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