Tuesday, June 26, 2007


"How" Power Sales Tip

I got an idea from Art Sobczak's Telephone Prospecting And Selling Report.

In one of his articles he talked about questions. What made his article especially interesting and powerful was that each question began with "How."

In addition to Art's questions I've added a few of my own:

>>> How do you define quality?

>>> How are you budgeting for this project?

>>> How are you planning to make the decision for . . . ?

>>> How have you evaluated these products in the past?

>>> How have you evaluated suppliers in the past?

>>> How have you quantified the cost of the problem you're trying to solve?

>>> How can we help you improve this?

>>> How often does this happen?

>>> How are you doing it now?

>>> How often does your current supplier do business reviews?

>>> How can we make this work for you?

>>> How can we make this happen?

>>> How can we speed up the process?

>>> How am I doing?

Use these questions to get your prospects and customers talking. The more they talk - the more you'll learn about them. And of course the more you know about your prospects and customers the easier it will be to solve their problems.

There's one more "How" question I suggest using on a daily basis.

It is an introspective question which promotes continuous self improvement. When you ask this question on a daily basis you will experience dramatic growth and prosperity.

It takes courage to ask this question because it assumes there is still room for improvement. If you have a big ego you may not be comfortable asking this question.

The perfect time of day to ask this question is at the end of the day - after your last sales call.

And when you ask this question be sure to consider the following:

>>> Making appointments

>>> Establishing goals

>>> Managing your time

>>> Communicating effectively

>>> Identifying opportunities

>>> Qualifying opportunities

>>> Adjusting selling styles to buying styles

>>> Presenting solutions

>>> Overcoming objections

>>> Asking for the business

>>> Measuring what matters most

>>> Having an attitude of gratitude

Imagine spending a few minutes every day thinking of ways to improve. Also try to imagine the impact continuous improvement will have on your sales and your personal income.

You can trigger your self-improvement program by asking one simple yet profound question.

The question is "How can I do it better?" These six words are the catalyst for continuous self-improvement.

Every time you ask the question, "How can I do it better" you automatically raise the bar on your level of professionalism.

The reward asking this question is continuous improvement.

Why say something when you can ask something?

When you ask these questions, be prepared to listen and take notes.

I'm convinced the less you say the smarter you'll sound.

Say less and you'll sell more!

That has a nice ring to it!

Oh, and one more thing. You can add another 12 questions, plus an additional 24 selling skills to your selling repertoire, when you order my book, "The 12 Best Questions To Ask Customers."

You can order the paperback version:

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Let's go sell something . . .

Jim Meisenheimer

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Doing An Einstein

Here's a little information about one of the greatest thinkers in the 20th century.

He was born March 14, 1879 and died April 18, 1955.

He was a German born theoretical physicist who is best known for his theory of relativity.

In 1921 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics.

He authored more than 50 scientific papers and in 1999 Time Magazine honored him by naming him "Person Of The Century."

I guess you can say the name "Einstein" is synonymous with "Genius."

You're probably wondering how I'm going to connect Einstein with the subject of sales.

One of the most memorable quotes in my collection of quotations belongs to Einstein.

I'll bet you recognize it immediately.

It was Albert Einstein who defined insanity this way. He said, "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is insanity."

He also said, "Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction."

Where are you now relative to where you want to be?

Where are you headed?

If you don't like where you've been, you have to think about making some changes in your life!

Here are 13 things you have to weave into your selling mindset:

=>> Changing your attitude

=>> Being self-confident

=>> Being enthusiastic

=>> Achieving goals

=>> Managing time

=>> Communicating effectively

=>> Identifying opportunities

=>> Assessing opportunities

=>> Analyzing behavioral styles

=>> Presenting solutions

=>> Overcoming obstacles

=>> Securing commitment

=>> Measuring results

Do you know what it takes to become a gifted, successful, and extraordinary sales representative? It takes mastery and continuous improvement with these 13 building blocks.

Here's a fact. You will become what you think about most.

Hello - you should fill your mind with positive thoughts, positive expectations, new ideas, and sharpened skills in these 13 essential parts of the Surefire Selling Results Pyramid.

Here's an example of a mindset adjustment. Dr. Wayne Dwyer was talking to a woman about her work. He asked her if she liked the work she was doing? She said she did but knew she would never get rich doing it. He asked her if she wanted to become rich? She said, "Of course who doesn't."

He said, "Let me see if I got this right, you want to become rich but you think it will never happen."

Guess what? She's right, it will never happen. Not until and unless she changes her mindset.

Okay - I've just given you 13 steppingstones you can use to build a very successful sales career.

Take them! Use them! Think about them! You can do it all by yourself, and in time, master each one of the steppingstones.

On the other hand, if you want to speed up the process - maybe I can help you.

You see, I've done a lifetime of study on what it takes to be successful in sales.

In fact I created a colorful success pyramid which you can see using the link below.

Never forget what Krishna said, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

If you're sick and tired of where you are and what you've got and ready to make some serious changes - and would like some help, I've prepared a special offer for you.

If you order a set of my seven CD Audio Album titled, "How To Get Surefire Selling Results" I'll include a 15 minute one-on-one telephone consultation with every order.

Is this for everyone? Of course not!

Who is this designed for?

Well - it's designed for those individuals who are committed to self improvement.

It's designed for the individual who's willing to invest a few bucks in order to make a lotta bucks.

I'll even make it a no-brainer for you! Anyone who is unhappy with the audio album + one-on-one telephone consultation gets a 100% refund. N.Q.A. - no questions asked?

Here's the link to climb your success pyramid.


When you think about it, anyone can do an Einstein.

You can't do the same things over and over and expect different results.

It's time for a change - isn't it?

I'm ready when you are!

Let's go sell something . . .

Jim Meisenheimer
(800) 266-1268

PS - here's that link again.

Friday, June 01, 2007


What Your Customers Really Want

The first half of 2007 is nearly over.

Don't fall in love with your products, fall in love with your customers. Focus on their problems, their current situation, the pain they suffer through in their jobs, and what keeps them awake late at night.

You can become an invaluable asset to all of your customers just by listening carefully to what they say. Spend less time talking about your products and more time asking questions related to your customers' challenges.

Here are 10 invaluable sales tips you can use to increase your sales and boost your income:

1. Punctuality - if you can't be on time always call with your reason for being late. It's not only a sign of good manners it also signals you are a first class person.

2. Appearance - people do judge books by their covers. Make no mistake about it - your appearance counts. Your first impression is often a lasting impression.

3. Seal talk - nothing screams "Amateur hour" louder than sales babble filled with "Ahs" and "Ums." In sales, you have to look good and you have to sound good.

4. Value - your customers will give you money in exchange for the value of your products or services. From the book, "The Science Of Getting Rich," give every man more in use value than you take from him in cash value; then you are adding to the life of the world with every business transaction.

5. Expectations - your expectations have a definite influence over your outcomes (Sales). Expect every sales call to be better than your last sales call. When you prepare and have written sales call objectives - your results will improve dramatically.

6. Attitude to develop a "Yes I can" attitude. Remember, nothing is impossible until you agree that it is. Your attitude is everything!

7. Commodities - products don't turn themselves into commodities, salespeople do. Your attitude should be, there are no commodities. There are, however, opportunities to differentiate all products. Put your imagination to work and you'll see amazing results. Remove these words from your dictionary - commodities, can't, impossible, discount, and hope.

8. Dependable - customers want salespeople to say what they mean and mean what they say. And be slow to commit and quick to deliver. You can't be a little honest! Nor can you be a little dependable.

9. Excitement - don't expect your customers to get excited about your products and services, if you are not. People don't buy because they are excited about your products, they buy because the salesperson is genuinely enthusiastic and excited about his products.

10. Problem-solver - in exchange for solving customer problems, Bill reward you with their business. When you quantify the cost of their problems you'll get even more business. When a customer sees you as an unpaid member of his staff, you are probably and extraordinary problem solver!

Be a bundle of energy!

Become excited about your products and services!

Become the "Go to person" when your customers need help and when they are ready to place an order.

Be positive - regardless of what's going on in your life and the rest of the world.

Be focused on getting results - because this is the true measure of your effort.

Be the best you can be every day of the week!

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