Tuesday, July 31, 2007


The Secret To Getting Prospects and Customers To Buy Your Products

I've always been impressed with salespeople who have success written
all over their face.

That face or facial expression has a tremendous influence over the
people we meet day in and day out!

I'm only guessing at this, but I believe you could immediately
increase your sales by 30% if you had a simple on/off switch.

Yeah - this on/off switch would be used before and after every
sales call.

I'm not sure why, but many salespeople truly believe their
personalities are sufficient to win all the business - no special
preparation necessary.

Why prepare?

You're bringing all of your experience to the sales call.

You're bringing all of your education to the sales call.

You're bringing all of your brains to the sales call.

You're bringing all of your attitudes to the sales call.

You're bringing all of your personality to the sales call.

Simple reasoning suggests why do anything else?

Well you can chase prospects and customers or you can attract them.

Just showing up has never been enough and now with global competition
and web competitors lusting for your business, you best be seeking
ways to take your selling skills to the next level.

And be careful - you probably think your selling skills are at a
much higher level than they actually are. You aren't the
judge - your prospects and customers are.

Look - the secret to getting more people to buy your products really

This secret is easy to do.

This secret has an unbelievable power to attract business.

Let me digress for a minute to give you an example.

The cruise ship pulls into Ismir, a Turkish port for a one day visit.

Bernadette and I get off the ship to see the sights and do some
shopping - the shopping is her idea.

We're not 500 yards from the ship when Bernadette does a 90 degree
turn to check out a jewelry store display case.

She's eye-balling everything in the display case - especially the

Remember we're still outside the store. Behind the display case
is a sheer curtain.

As we're looking at the stuff - the curtain parts and out pops one
of the happiest faces I've ever seen.

He was gesturing. He was nodding his head. He was pointing at
things my wife was looking at and kept smiling, pointing and nodding.
He had the look that every sales person should have when working
with their customers.

Dr. Bernadette Meisenheimer, is no easy target. She's got street
smarts. She knows how to deal with people.

Nevertheless - she says to me, "Let's go in the store - he's
expecting us to."

So in we go - because the sales person was expecting us to.

Imagine just before your next sales call you turned on the switch.

You turned on the switch to smiling.

You turned on the switch to positive thinking.

You turned on the switch to positive expectations.

You turned on the switch to solving your customer's problems.

You turned on the switch to high energy and lots of enthusiasm.

You see it's because very few people are always smiling, always
thinking positively, always have positive expectations, always
focused on solving problems, and always have high energy and
lots of enthusiasm - that you have to turn it on, you have
to turn the switch on.

This switch is not automatic - it's manual and you have to turn it

The secret to getting more people to buy your products and services
is as easy as A, B, C!

Try saying "SHOW TIME" before you open the door to your next sales
call and see what a difference it makes.


You'll have success written all over your face too - as soon as
you say "SHOW TIME."

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Monday, July 30, 2007


The Ultimate Time Management Tip

How To Turn Waiting Time Into Productive Time

If you're selling today, it means a good chunk of your time is spent waiting. You wait for customers, managers, callbacks, and planes. Here are eight creative ways to use your waiting time more effectively.

1. Call your extended family. Your call will likely make their day and possibly yours too.

2. Read a sales article from your reading file. Put all the sales articles and business articles you'd like to read in manila folder labeled Reading File. Make sure it’s loaded with good sales articles.

3. Using a composition notebook jot down your ideas for pending projects. Use your notebook to periodically record "things that work" during your sales calls. Keep your notebook in your briefcase. It’s not a diary – consider it a journal for your ideas.

4. Use waiting time to review and prioritize your daily "To Do List" adding and deleting wherever appropriate. Remember to always do what's most important first.

5. Send handwritten thank you notes, to your customers, using a fountain pen. Always carry a supply of note cards and stamps. Get in the habit of sending handwritten notes to your customers ever day.

6. Expand your network. Use waiting time to call leads, referrals, and anyone else, who can expand your business network.

7. Take advantage of your waiting time to listen to www.TheGreatCourses.com, your favorite music, read a poem, read Scripture, read a chapter from an unfinished book or take some time just to meditate.

8. Mentally rehearse what you're planning to do on your next call. Imagine your success before you experience it.

The next time you’re waiting for someone or waiting for a delayed flight, consider your options. Waiting time doesn't have to be downtime.

Turning your waiting time into productive time - is the ultimate time management tip.

Jim Meisenheimer is the creator of Knockout Selling Skills. For more information on time management visit:

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