Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Sales Tips And Sales Tools You Can Use

November 13, 2007

Dear Sales Executive

There are six weeks left to scramble to make your 2007
sales numbers and to prepare for a fast start in 2008.

Here are two sales management tips you may be able
to use:

1. Change your definition of the word "Preparation" to
mean - it's gotta be in writing. Make sure your sales
team gets this point.

2. There's no getting away with this, you must read the
right stuff to keep your pipeline flowing with new ideas
you can share with your sales team. It also sets a
great example for your team.

Just take a few minutes everyday to sharpen your axe
and you'll chop more wood every year.

In addition to sharing these sales management tips with
you there are two other important items I'd like you to

First. My next 2-day Sales Management program, which is
strictly limited to three sales executives, is scheduled
for January 29-30, 2008. It's a great time to be in Florida.

That's the good news. The bad news is I only have one
seat still available.

Here are 6 reasons why you should attend:

1. You have or will have new sales reps on board. I have
some proven ideas on how to shorten their learning curve.

2. Your sales team has their arms wrapped around some
big accounts and can't seem to close them. I've been there
and done that and have some very creative ideas which will
bust the doors open with these accounts.

3. Your salespeople feel they're doing a great job and
you believe there is room to grow. I'll share the standards
of performance concept with you which means you'll learn
how to measure what matters most.

4. Your salespeople tend to be all over the place during
sales calls, especially with high potential prospects. I'll
show you how to get your sales team to prepare pinpoint
objectives for every sales call.

5. You want to become a better field coach when working with
your sales people in their territories. I'll share 4 things
every sales executive must do when you're coaching your

6. You may be tired and worn out from the fast pace and
all the demands you have on your shoulders. After spending
2-days with me and two other like-minded sales executives,
you'll leave refreshed, energized, and loaded with new ideas
you can use throughout 2008 to motivate your sales team.

Use this link to register online and to reserve the last seat.


Use this link if you prefer to use a FAX order form:


One more thing. My 14th Sales Training Boot Camp is
scheduled for May 7-8, 2008.

Last year I tried something new and it exceeded my
expectations - so I'm doing it again this year.

I'm offering substantial savings for Early Bird Registrations.

By registering early you can save $400 per person which means
you'll save 28.6% on every seat you reserve off the regular
price of $1397.

This is a limited time offer.

The offer is limited to the first 20 who register. There are
only 15 still available - so you must act ASAP to lock in these
big savings.

This Early Bird Registration will end December 31, 2007 or when
the first 20 have reserved their seats - which ever comes first.

If you have a new sales rep or are planning to hire a new sales
rep in 2008 - sign them up now. Use your name when you register and
we'll change the name after you hire your new sales rep.

If you have a good rep who has been beaten up by his competitors
and customers - send them to my Boot Camp. You'll be amazed
at the change you'll see. You'll also be amazed at their sales

If you have a top performer who you want to recognize - send them
to my Boot Camp. I can help your top performers kick it up
a notch.

My Sales Training Boot Camp emphasizes No-Brainer Selling Skills
which are easy to learn and even easier to apply.

Sending your salespeople to my Sales Training Boot Camp really
is a No-Brainer!

Use this link to register online and to reserve your Early Bird ticket:


Use this link if you prefer to use a FAX order form:


It's time to start selling more . . .

Jim Meisenheimer

Publisher - The Start Selling More Newsletter

19.5 years . . .

505 corporate customers . . .

83.3% repeat business

(800) 266-1268

e-mail: jim@meisenheimer.com

Monday, November 05, 2007


How Pablo Picasso Dealt With The Price Objection

Whenever I'm doing an in-house corporate sales training program, I always ask the group this question. "What are the biggest challenges you face in growing your business?"

Within ten nanoseconds, someone raises his hand and says, "The price objection."

It never fails.

Is this how you feel? Do you find it difficult and aggravating to defend your price on a daily basis?

There is a better way. Why defend your price when you can explain your value?

But first let's see how Pablo Picasso dealt with the price objection when it was raised.

This is a story about Pablo Picasso. The source is unknown.

In Paris, there was a woman strolling along a street, when she spotted Picasso sketching near a sidewalk cafe.

"Not so thrilled that she could not be slightly presumptuous, the woman asked Picasso if he might sketch her, and charge accordingly. Picasso obliged. In just minutes, there she was: an original Picasso."

“And what do I owe you?” she asked. “Five thousand francs,” he answered.

“But it only took you three minutes,” she politely reminded him.

“No,” Picasso said, “It took me all my life.”

He established the value not the customer, though she wanted to.

What are you worth? Have you ever thought about that?

What's your time worth? What is your experience worth to a potential customer?

It seems to me that too often a price is put on a product. And this price is compared to a competitor's price. That's pure nonsense!

That's like Picasso being compared to Hooey Tooey a young painter in Paris.

Each painter has a sketch in pencil on paper. I'm sure a Un jeune peintre (a young painter) wouldn't consider charging five thousand francs for his sketch.

As an entrepreneur or professional sales representative you count.

Your ideas, creativity, and imagination count too.

Your experience counts even more.

If you don't share it with your prospects and customers they won't see your genuine value.

It's up to you to establish your value - the higher the better.

When you start thinking like Pablo Picasso, you'll start selling more and start selling more profitably.

PS - Picasso knew how to close a sale. I hope you do too. If this isn't one of your strengths, my best selling CD titled, "Closing The Sale" is made for you.

Use this link

Sales Management Tip

Now you can save $400 when you register early for my next Sales Training Boot Camp scheduled for May 7-8, 2008. This special price is limited to 20 (14 still available) people and expires 12/31/07 whichever comes first.

Who is the ideal candidate for this Boot Camp?

Well, new sales reps will benefit and so will their sales manager, with a shortened learning curve.

Experienced sales reps who have lost their competitive fire will also benefit when they return with sharpened selling skills, new selling skills and recharged batteries.

And yes, even your superstars will benefit when they sharpen existing skills and take away new ones.

And all Boot Camp participants will take a behavioral styles profile which will enable them to adapt their selling styles to their customer's buying styles.

You can get more information here.

Time Saver Tip

Pressed for time - you can now see this Newsletter posted on my Blog. I'm usually able to post it the same day the Newsletter is published - FYI.

Go here to see the Blog:


Sales Tip

I was reminded of this the other day.

People love to buy, buy they hate to be sold. Don't you feel this way?

As you drive from account to account and make your sales calls - remember you're calling on living, breathing human beings.

Take an interest in them and they'll likely take an interest in you.

The single best way to show your interest in another human being is to ask good questions.

As you know I spend a lot of time with professional salespeople and it never ceases to amaze me how weak most salespeople are when it comes to asking questions.

It's ironic that most salespeople are comfortable with the questions they're asking - because they always ask the questions out of habit, not because of stellar results.

I can help any sales person ask better questions. It's all in my book "The 12 Best Questions to Ask Customers." I have 20,899 subscribers to this newsletter which means 11,949 subscribers have taken a pass on getting this book.

If I had to pin my success during the last 19.5 years on one thing and only one thing, I would say, I am where I am today because of the questions I ask when talking with my prospects and customers.

If you're not having the best sales year of your career, it could be you're not asking the right questions. Heck - it could also mean your competitors have read my book and are asking better questions than you are. Scary thought!

You can help your customers buy your products / services as soon as you start asking better questions.

The "12 Best Questions To Ask Customers" book is available as an eBook or paperback.

Words of Wisdom

How to succeed? Try hard enough!
Malcolm Forbes

You are the product of your own brainstorm.
Rosemary Konner Steinbaum

Anything you can imagine is real.
Pablo Picasso

Rants, Raves, and Other Loose Ends

I have used your "Art of Closing the Sale" course with my nineteen (19) person sales staff in Dallas Texas with an extremely favorable response to the material. Short and directly to the point is what they felt impacted them the best.

No extensive chapters to read, just concise facts that will benefit my entire team.

Ed Snelling
Vice President - Sales
Total Design on Marble & Granite

Start selling more . . .

Jim Meisenheimer
Publisher - Start Selling More Newsletter

19.5 years . . .

505 corporate customers . . .

83.3% repeat business . . .

(800) 266-1268

PS - When your prospects and customers like you, they'll begin to trust you. The way you get people to like you is to take an interest in them. And the best way to do that is by asking "The 12 Best Questions to Ask Customers."

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