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Stop Thinking About Sales
And Customer Service Training

Thinking Doesn't Get It Done!

Let's Put Our Heads Together To Design A Results
Focused Sales Training Program For Your Team

Sales Training doesn't cost, it actually pays - it really does!

There's not a single thing I can do to help your salespeople increase their sales. Yup - not a single thing. At the end of your sales / customer service training program I'll ask your team to count up how many take away ideas they have.

You will be blown away by their responses. Lot's of practical and common sense ideas that get you and your team immediate results.

But first things first. The ball's in your court - let me explain.

Here's the plan:

1. You pick up the phone and call (800) 266-1268 and ask for Jim Meisenheimer.

2. We'll set-up a mutually convenient time to discuss your current situation. We'll need about 30-45 minutes to do this right. The decision-maker must be on this call.

3. I'll ask you at least a dozen questions, and probably more, to help me understand and prioritize your challenges. These questions are from my best selling book, "The 12 Best Questions To Ask Customers" and if we work together, I'll share these questions with your salespeople.

4. During this call I'll answer all your questions including the amount of the investment.

5. We'll discuss dates, times, and potential locations.

6. As soon as you give the green light I'll send you a package which includes a Program Agreement and a Pre-program Questionnaire which will enable me to personalize the sales training to your business and specifically to your your salespeople.

There are two big reasons why you should call today:

1. You want to end this year on a positive note.

2. You want to begin 2011 with an innovative focus on customer service.

Why not do both?

You gotta pick up the phone . . .

There's a very good reason why the best doctors, the best dentists, the best pilots, the best baseball players, the best football players, and the best golfers are hooked on continuous training. Effective training increases personal competence and improves self-confidence and who doesn't benefit from more of that?

Here's what people are saying:

Jim helped bring me back out of the dark ages of old bad habits.
Dave Susalski

After 30 years in sales I finally got the information I need
to be successful. Keith Ness

By noon of day one, I was like a caged animal. I had already been
given so much great information I couldn't wait to get back to work
and put it in to practice. Robert Hensley

The incredible 1% factor will differentiate me from my
competition. Rochelle Kirkland

I've never heard so many fabulous ideas come from one
person as I have from Jim Meisenheimer. He was unbelievably
inspirational. Melissa McIntyre

I've been in sales for 15 years and I can't believe the things
I learned today that I can use tomorrow. Mark Goldring

You gotta pick up the phone . . .

Here are four easy ways to contact me:

1. Click the Contact tab on the menu bar above.

2. Send an e-mail to jim@meisenheimer.com

3. Call (800) 266-1268 and ask for Jim Meisenheimer.

My specialty is showing people how to increase sales,
and provide an improved customer experience.

If you like how this sounds - give me a call today!

My purpose in life is to show salespeople how to Start Selling More!

Jim Meisenheimer

22 years . . .

523 corporate clients . . .

72.7% repeat business . . .

PS - I'll even work with you exclusively and turn down your competitors for a small fee! I'm happy to discuss this with you.

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