Strategic Simplicity:
Seven Ways To Get Off
To A Rocket-fast Start In 2006

    From: Jim Meisenheimer

    Dear Friend,

    How is your attitude right now?

    Are you in a ready, set, go mode for 2006?

    Were the holidays just a blur for you?

    When you start thinking about 2006 is that an even blurrier picture for you?

    You can keep the doors closed to the post holiday let down. In order to do that however you need a game plan and a personalized set of marching orders. Otherwise - discombobulation can overwhelm you.

    Jim Meisenheimer, the creator of no-brainer Selling Skills, and former vice president of sales and marketing with Baxter international will share his proven insider sales secrets for salespeople who want an unfair advantage over the competition during 2006.

    Strategic Simplicity

    A New TeleClass for January 5, 2006

    During this one-hour TeleClass you'll learn seven ways to step over your competition as soon as the new year begins. When your competition starts to think about the new year you'll already be implementing the action steps you designed to achieve your goals.

    During this one-hour TeleClass I'll give you seven easy to learn and easy to implement ideas on how to get off to a rocket fair start in 2006. These ideas include:

    1. You'll learn how to develop the focus like a Tiger's eye.

    2. You'll discover four keys to self-management (Time management)

    3. You'll learn the benefits of employing your ears before you engage your mouth.

    4. You'll learn four ways to present new products to your customers and prospects.

    5. You'll discover how to make talking about pricing your lowest priority instead of your highest.

    6. You'll take away three little things you can do every day to build the brand called you.

    7. You'll learn how to convert referrals into immediate sales and personal income.

    Here's how a TeleClass works. After you register for the January 5th - 6 PM (EST) TeleClass you'll be given a Telephone number to call. It's that simple. All phones will be muted to eliminate background noises and then unmuted for Q & A at the end of the presentation.

    It's a convenient way to pick up creative selling ideas from the comfort of your own home.

    If you have a conflict with the date, I'm recording it, so you can reserve a copy of the CD.

    Some people order both.

    Use this link to sign-up for the TeleClass

    Can't attend - use this link to order the CD.

    Let's go sell something . . .

    Jim Meisenheimer

    Creator No-Brainer Selling Skills

    17.5 years . . . 486 customers . . . 83.3% repeat business

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